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DEJ Daily Boosting Serum

DEJ Daily Boosting Serum


D.E.J Daily Boosting Serum is an  advanced age-defying serum to rejuvenate and energize fatigued skin. This powerhouse serum is formulated with patent-pending Sunflower Sprout Extract Technology, clinically proven to impact the visible effects of glycation on skin.

Glycation is a chain reaction caused by internal factors and external stressors like UV rays, and can accelerate signs of aging, causing collagen and elastin to become rigid, brittle, and less responsive. DEJ Daily Boosting Serum is formulated with exclusive, patented Sunflower Sprout Extract Technology and iris florentina root extract to reduce glycation in the skin that contributes to wrinkles, loss of firmness and dullness. An antioxidant blend of THD Ascorbate (vitamin C), resveratrol and red seaweed provides protection against free radical damage while improving the overall appearance of photodamage.

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